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Next level Omni-Channel commerce for brands & manufacturers, importers and retailers

Will Online-retailing take over the world?

Do consumers really want to do all their shopping online? What about touch & feel, personal advice, wrap & take with you…? And do brands really want to sell their goods without physical stores in the near future? What about financing inventory, local customer care, multipliers, after-sales and last but not least costly online returns? Why do even pure play e-commerce giants like Harry's, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. try to enter the physical store space?

We agree, many people want to buy online but not all and not everything. It also dawns to some investors that the metrics behind online retailing aren't as attractive as expected. No question, some products are a perfect fit for a pure play e-commerce strategy. But most products still would be better off when sold in physical stores or more precisely in an online-offline hybrid shopping landscape, a landscape we do not know yet.

We might all agree that the question is not "if" todays separated sales channels will blend into each other but "how"?

Experts in the field start to recognize that this change will not and cannot be carried out by Bricks & Mortar stores alone. Brands have to step in and take responsibility helping to transform retail.

The omni-present code word seems "Omni-Channel commerce"... a word which has been around for a while. But so far we haven´t seen a single brand who managed to build a consistent solution across an independent sales network.

Why? Because it did not yet exist...until today:

BrandCloud...what´s that and for whom?

BrandCloud is a unified "SaaS" Omni-Channel commerce platform for brands or manufacturers, importers and retailers to operate a global commerce network across available sales channels. 

Brands or manufacturers will use BrandCloud as their core sales system in which an unlimited amount of physical retailers, distributors, sales-intermediates, online shops and marketplaces can be fed simultaneously. 

Retailers will use BrandCloud to be part of a brands digital but hybrid commerce world in which physical touchpoints become more and more important. 


BrandCloud is not only a piece of powerful software, it  comes with a competitive sharing business model to settle between the sales partners, allowing necessary commerce transparency towards the consumer. It is designed for any size of business, highly scalable and due to our smart transition strategies easy to roll out on global scale at low risk for existing structures. 


BrandCloud offers a seamless commerce structure in which "online" and "offline" commerce can stretch across multiple touchpoints without causing the known "sales channel conflicts".

Why NEXT LEVEL Omni-Channel commerce?

To satisfy millennial consumers expectations Brands and Retailers need to be omni-present with consistent relevant information and services across all selected channels. How to realize such a consumer centric strategy online and offline across multiple touchpoints without causing the known "sales channel confusion"? 


Many experts talk about Omni-Channel commerce, but so far there was no ready-to-use solution available in the market. BrandCloud is the only Omni-Channel commerce solution, which offers a multi-tenant and multi-role architecture to be used hand in hand across brands or manufacturers, importers and retailers. 


The "next level" is defined on the one hand because of our software´s architecture, but even more by the fundamental change in the retail business BrandCloud allows to happen. True Omni-Channel commerce is not possible in an old and static wholesales model, where sales and product relevant information cannot flow back and forth. Brands or retailers who want to accumulate sales- and consumer data and  prevent price disruption across its sales channels or touchpoints, need control over what's going on, specifically the finally checkout.

Therefore we recommend to change from a static, in-transparent wholesales to a sharing business model which can provide global real-time inventory and commerce transparency through automated information flow in every direction. 

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