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Consumers expect "friction-free-shopping" 24/7

The consumer journey

It is hard to predict how the consumer journey is moving alternating through on- or offline channels and touchpoints. However, in the BrandCloud ecosystem this traditional knowledge gap is not important.


Important is that the consumer feels being in good hands. BrandCloud unifies on- and offline commerce across all channels erasing the chance of getting confused as a consumer when switching between sales channels or touchpoints. The consumer is always enjoying the same level of information and service, because BrandCloud has him covered everywhere...


Before, during and after shopping!

Ways to buy for the consumer

BrandCloud is unifying all channels and touchpoints selected by a brand, making the consumer enjoy full shopping freedom. Consumers highly appreciate consistent inventory- product- and pricing information wherever and whenever they search, buy or look for services. No need for a specific device to interact with a brand or take care of nasty login procedures in proprietary software landscapes. Consumers can just keep shopping the way they prefer. Potentially he will not even recognize the existence of BrandCloud, because it runs in the background as a platform, harmonize and digitize commerce as well as handling payment processes. 


Like every idea in the BrandCloud ecosystem its about freedom of choice. Therefore we started to work on a consumer APP to further increase the shopping experience while enjoying an even more personalized, simplified and secure purchase. It's not a must... it's a useful can;-)

Consumer benefit overview
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