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Digitizing stores to leverage your strength

Smartphones...the gateway to Omni-Channel retail

BrandCloud is bridging the gap between physical stores and pure play e-commerce. It is digitizing traditional retail processes and brings e-commerce in-store. Smartphones in retailers pocket serve as the gateway enabling the needed tracking of in-store commerce processes.

For a POS to track and sell products on behalf of a Brand, we designed the Retailer Sales APP, keeping its users in sync with the BrandCloud ecosystem. The Retailer Sales APP is basically simulating online shopping in your store or at any POS, making costly cash register integration across multiple sales channels/touchpoints obsolete. With BrandCloud, Retailers become part of a brands digital but hybrid commerce transformation in which physical touchpoints play a center role.

Retailer Sales APP

The Retailer Sales APP is used by a retailer (or any POS) as a mobile cash desk with full payment integration, a logistic-/inventory management system and as a product info-center. It offers many features as explained below, equipping a salesperson with an instantly and ready to use real-time sales tool.

Retailer Cockpit

The Retailer Cockpit organizes all sales related activities for a BrandCloud enabled POS. It offers many features as explained below to empower POS in its effort of full digital integration at lowest cost.

Ways to sell for retailers

It's all about consumer expectations and experiences!

Retailers or any POS are better off using multiple sales channels and touchpoints to reach out to their consumers. On the other hand as a local POS it is not wise to try to compete with it's own online shop against  e-commerce gorillas. 

BrandCloud is designed for smart POS who prefer to be embedded in brands global e-commerce activities profiting directly from the brands full acces to nearly every channel, while leveraging its own true strengths as a POS. Inventories can be made visible in real-time on brands website, online store or any marketplace it is feeding, driving in-store traffic at POS. 

The consumers of today prefer to know availability in a store before visiting it. 

BrandCloud is harmonizing brands e-commerce with physical sales activities and enable all involved POS to provide a unified consumer experience in- and outside of their stores.

Business model for retailers... Sharing discounts
Business model for retailers... Sharing discounts

True Omni-Channel commerce requires the sharing of information along the distribution channel towards the final consumer and backwards. To better understand the business model for the retailers (or any POS) in the BrandCloud ecosystem, the following section should be read and understood first "Business model for Brands"


Once the logic of revenue sharing and deposit payment is understood, we have a closer look on the logic of sharing profits as well as discounts, benefiting retailers in a never seen way. As a matter of fact discounts usually lead to more sales and has become normal at POS in times of the internet. The discount sharing idea adresses this pressing pricing flexibility for the retailer in a fair way. 

*ROI = Return On Invested Capital  ** Calculation based on 8 % VAT (include rounding error)

Today a Retailers' profit is reduced in an asymmetric way by granting discounts!

In the traditional retail business, all granted discounts are fully absorbed by the retailer. Risky reduction of retailers profit is the result. Brands typically profit from sell-in in the traditional retail landscape and don't really care whether the retailer can sell-out and for what price.

BrandCloud makes retailers more profitable through sharing discounts!

In the BrandCloud model, a brand can grant necessary discount corridors which can be instantly executed and documented  through the Retailer Sales APP during the checkout process (read section and graphic "Retail Sales APP" on this pag). Consequently not only revenues but also discounts are shared within the involved parties,  increasing retailers profit chance whilst reducing his inventory risk dramatically. The result is, that every BrandCloud enabled retailer (POS) is becoming hyper-competitive towards any online-pureplay competitor. In the BrandCloud world the Brands profit from sell-trough and will therefore be very committed and consumer focused making a profitable sales happen. 

Retailer benefit overview
How to get started as a retailer
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