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Simplify import business in a digital world

Smartphones, the gateway to fully integrate importers in to Omni-Channel commerce 

BrandCloud is bridging the gap between physical stores and pure play e-commerce. It digitazing traditional retail processes and brings e-commerce in-store. Smartphones serve as the gateway enabling retailers and importers the needed tracking of commerce processes.


For a Importer to care of a warehouse and to provide and track products on behalf of a Brand to POS partner, we designed the Retailer Sales APP, keeping its users in synch with the BrandCloud eco-system. The Retailer Sales APP is also used, as the name says, from retailers or any POS to sell products to consumers (read menu Retailer). The importer is using the same APP but with specific roles and features to support its sales partner in their sales efforts to consumers.


The importer (distributor) often being negeglected or bypassed by the brands, is playing a important role in the BrandCloud ecosystem. The importer no longer is a banking substitute to re-finance brands inventories. He is much more becoming the true local marketer. This means... his risk is dropping dramatically in the new eco-system and he can focus on his true job... taking care of the national marketing and help its retail partners to grow sales.

The importers most important job


1. Do national marketing on behalf of the brand

2. Acquire national POS partner and help them to grow sales

3. Take care of national warehouse on behalf of the brand

Former import business characteristics, now less relevant


1. Be obliged to be a banking substitute to re-finance inventories

2. High risk in-between position having inventory pressure

3. Less grey market pressure

BrandCloud and Omni-Channel fundamentals
The Retailer Sales APP is the mobile product-scan and warehousing-tool for the Importer

The Retailer Sales APP is used by an Importer as a logistic-/inventory management system and as a product info-center. It offers many features as explained below, equipping every staff member with an instantly and ready to use real-time business device.

Importer Cockpit

The Importer Cockpit organizes all sales related activities for a BrandCloud enabled Importer. It offers many features as explained below to empower Importers in their effort of full digital integration at lowest cost.

Ways to sell for Importer

BrandCloud is designed for smart Importers who prefer to be embedded in brands global commerce activities, while leveraging its own true strengths. Importers actually don't buy from brands and sell to POS as in traditional whole sale manner, rather they act as mediators and supporters of the brand.

BrandCloud is harmonizing brands e-commerce with physical sales activities and enable all involved parties to provide a unified consumer experience on- and offline.

Business model for importers... Sharing profit

True Omni-Channel commerce requires the sharing of information along the distribution channel towards the final consumer and backwards. In order to share up-to-date sales relevant information (e.g. sold product, by and to whom, final price, etc.) the checkout activity and the resulting inventory adjustment should be transparent amongst the distributing parties. Once that parties involved along the distribution chain know the final sales price (which is impossible in traditional retail business as of today), the basic idea of sharing can be consistently executed amongst all parties, creating unrivaled win-win-win situations.

To better understand the sharing business model in the BrandCloud ecosystem, the following section should be read and understood "Business model for brands"

NOTE: To invest money as an importer in the national or international warehouse is of corse possible and depense of the risk appetite and liquidity of the importer. Therefore the sharable ratios can be changed and adapted at any time by the brand.

Product and Money Flow

BrandCloud monitors the handling of global product, information and money flow. Reporting and documentation is automatically provided to all parties involved in:

  • Inventories of central warehouses and POS

  • Packing and shipping

  • Ordered and sold products

  • Final consumer payments and discounts if given

  • Open and paid duties & VAT's 

  • Open and paid deposits

  • Open and paid revenue shares

  • Etc.


NOTE: Dependent on which distribution channel is used the brand can also take the role of the Importer or Retailer. 

Importer benefit overview
How to get started as an importer
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